Amanda Leanne Status and Issues

This is an announcement to clarify some things and go into some issues that Amanda has been having lately.

If you are familiar with the author, she has a lot of health problems and disabilities. Recently she has been very, very ill and ended up in the hospital. She is back home and recovering but there are some complications and she may end up back in the hospital.

This page has been contacted by several people and organizations requesting copies of her books as donations, some specifying signed copies, for auctions, reviews, and other purposes. Amanda publishes her physical books through a print on demand site. She is her own publisher (Mune’s Quill). This is an extremely low budget business with currently only one nonfiction and 3 fictional books under her name and brand that she has full rights to. Due to disabilities and lack of funding to put into her writing business, she operates on a minimal budget. It cost her money to order books. It takes time to get them. It costs twice as much for her to then send them out. As much as she loves helping people and working with charities, she can not afford to buy stacks of books, sign them, and then mail them out to people for free. She has given away over 1200 ebooks and often runs free promos 1 to 3 times a year on her ebooks where they can be “purchased” for free.

With her current health status, I was a bit appalled at how pushy some got with telling me how to get her to send them free books or even name plates. She is under a lot of stress and is having a rough time. This came off as highly disrespectful and rude. I was polite in informing people of her condition and situation and the return was more pushing asking for freebies and action for a caring but ill person.

Thank you to all who follow and support her and definitely to those who read her works. The best support she can get is having people purchase her books and tell people about them. She makes less than a dollar on each book sale (ebook and paperback) because she keeps her prices low and affordable as much as she can for those who want to read her books.

As for signed copies, she has wanted to purchase a small amount of her books and get name plates and have them signed and sell them on her website for those wanting such a thing. She hopes to eventually have the funding to get book marks and other author merchandise and to do giveaways and so forth (a common trend on social media). But currently this is not feasible for her budget.

She is a private person and this is not something she would usually want said or put out there, but she is under enough stress and so I (a friend who sometimes posts and manages things when she is unavailable) am asking for understanding, patience, and respect.

Thank you all so much.



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