Future Plans as of April 2023

For those not fans of Amazon, I am looking at going wide with my physical books. Paperback and hard covers not purchased through Amazon will look a bit different, if not better, but it is going to take a bit of work and I am trying to figure out the technicalities.

If ever I find a generous benefactor, ISBNs in the US can only be purchased via Bowker and the best deal is 100 for $575 (individual ones cost over $100 each, so the bulk is my eventual goal). This will save me so many nightmares. I may consider doing a patreon or Kickstart program and offering free signed copies, bookmarks etc to people who donate in order to possibly get to the point of owning my ISBNs (currently, technically, Amazon owns them). 

There is so much legal mumbo jumbo to explain, but I am working on a DBA for Amanda Leanne and Munesquill and then a sole proprietor and maybe, way down the road if I get big enough, an LLC. So far anyone I have attempted to get to work with me has flaked out, so I don’t know about doing LLC at this juncture. But my sales are rising to the point of having to start to establish some things.

Signed copies and book boxes (signed copies with goodies and a discount for more than one book) will be coming soon. Ad well as posisble merchandise such as shirts or totes with some of my covers and art work. I am also getting a digital drawing pad and Kris and I will be doing some creepy art to add to the images I currently own. Should be fun!

Anyways, lots to consider in the future and lots coming down the line. I hope for the best that my health participates, as it is the biggest hang up often. I have a functioning modern laptop so there will be some reformists done on the current books available. This may result in some books losing reviews (like Shafows Through the Fog that Amazon was nice enough to change the paper quality from cream to white on my last update when I was having issues).

The future will look cooler and has lots of fun potential. I thank you all for your dedication, love, and support! Biggest hugs and so much love to you all!

Pic is of our eldest cat being dramatic, our Luna.


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