You have made it to the official website for The Amanda Leanne, eccentric author extraordinaire! From here you can check out the pages for all of her books, including purchase and review links, as well as read some free short stories, get the latest on works in progress and new releases, and follow Amanda Leanne on a multitude of social platforms. (Apologies for the Ads as I have been unable to pay the annual fees to remove them this year. Thank you for your patience)

Signed copies, signed bookplates, stickers, and bookmarks are in the works. Currently stickers and bookmarks will use variants of the book covers and bookmarks with have a QR code on the back that lead to this website. Any suggestions for other types of bookmarks and stickers are welcome!

Newest Release:

Mind the Mirrors – A collection of short stories from the dark, psychologically twisted world of Amanda Leanne.

Current Books:

In Progress:

Sanguine Saga- Dark Mystery, Thriller trilogy (Silent Sanguine Book 1, Samberg Sanguine Book 2, Savage Sanguine Book 3)

The beings of mythology love among the humans as secret dominating species at the top of thr food chain, but something else has decided to play with all the beings of this world, and it makes no discernment between friend and foe.

 Yarns Spun in the Swamp (Title is working title and still TBD).

This books tells the tales of my life growing up in the swamps of Florida. But each story beginning as an actual adventure soon takes a dark and horrifying turn as the things that dwell in the murky waters and Spanish Moss bedecked trees take over.