Creating a Universe

I have been planning and creating like a mad woman. N.I.C.D. Book 1 is being written and I keep having to stop for various reasons. For one, I still do some outside work for the necessary survival funds, but for another, the world is complex. I have the Arcanus (all beings not human) and they have history, politics, education, systems and so much more. My main characters,  Mara and Kai, have intricate lives that require me to plan parts of the world a bit better. In comes the binder.

Today was spent working on the various descriptions and explanations behind the various Arcanus. I have also been filling out more of Mara and Kai’s respective backgrounds. I can’t wait for the eventual reveal on their insane lives!

In the process of working on this first massive book, I have begun to contemplate the world I am constructing. My readers may want to know how the Arcanus witches were involved in the witch trials or about the great Pirate and Mermaid War or perhaps how the N.I.C.D. was formed. When and why did the Arcanus create such a bureau, the Nonhuman Investigative and Compliance Division?

With these thoughts came the idea of supplementary reading. Standalone books to fill in historic events, character backgrounds, and other tales from my world. These books will get the same depth and tone as the main series, but won’t need to be read in any particular order. They may not be as long or exstensive, in fact some will be novellas, but they will be the fancy frame for the picture I am creating.

I am all ears for questions or information about my upcoming  books. Thank you for keeping up with my journey! 


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