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2 Weeks left on KU before Shadows Through the Fog Goes Wide

Shadows Through the Fog will no longer be available to read for free on Kindle Unlimited after November 28th, 2017. It will, however, be available to purchase as an ebook on Barnes and Noble/Nook, iTunes/iBook, Kobo, Tolino, and several alternative purchasing outlets. In order to be able to offer my book to those who do not use the Kindle app or device, I am no longer able to keep it as a Kindle Unlimited read. I apologize to those who prefer using that method to read the book.

If you do have Kindle Unlimited and would like to read it while it is available, please go to Amazon and enjoy! Thank you.

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Shadows Through the Fog

Shadows are often benign, nothing to truly fear, and yet our minds create from them. We see them twist and form into something sinister, something eerie, something that makes our skin crawl or our heart race. As the fog manipulates the landscape, so does it change the shadows. With our minds, we further pull from the blurry images and a tale is formed. From vengeful women to those that welcome death to haunting moments, these stories are a mixed bag of random dark tales from the mind of Amanda Leanne. Written over the past decade, this is a small compilation of stories pulled from the shadows in the fog.

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This collection of dark and eerie stories contains eleven tales to wet your appetite. The Other side of the Mirror and Something’s Changed were certainly my favourites. I could easily see these being developed into fuller stories. I’m sure each reader will find something to appreciate and their own favourites. I especially liked that each story brought a new voice and direction with it. I would recommend this to all readers who enjoy dipping into dark tales, like me! -Sarah Northwood

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