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The Latest as of 2022…and the lack of new books out.

To all of my patient and wonderful readers, I do apologize. Some of you may know and are aware that I have a plethora of health issues and the last couple years have not been very kind. Toss in some computer deaths, lost data, real people deaths, and other things….it has been a trying time to write consistently.

That being said, Mind the Mirrors is still in progress and has surpassed the length of Shadows Through the Fog. I am super excited about some of the short stories in this one and am so eager to get things together and get it out there. I do hope it is complete by this fall, or winter at the latest.

I have several other projects on various burners….if my document folders were actual burners it would be a field of stoves by now. I have narrowed my next direction to a select few and am debating between another novel or novella or to push ahead with one of my bigger series that has been a trial for years now. We shall see.

I am still on Amazon, but I am debating on whether to drop Kindle Unlimited for going wide again. This may hurt what little I do make, but may allow me to reach more readers. If you have an opinion on this, please let me know your thoughts.

Thank you all, again, and may your dreams be less nightmarish than my own, but just as entertaining.

Amanda Leanne


Now Available on Kindle Unlimited

For the next three months, all of my books will be available to read for free on Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited. This means that my books will be exclusively on Amazon for that time. If you do not use Kindle (the app is free), please contact me about how to get my books. Thank you!








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