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A Wonderful Letter about The Fine Print of Fibro

A blogger and fellow pain warrior recently read The Fine Print of Fibro and promised me some honest feedback on the book. When she got back to me, the woman put me in tears! I have been having a difficult time lately with my health and not being able to write as I lay on the couch sick and in pain. My writing is slow going and I am just so exhausted. Reading her words filled me with so much hope and love. I am so happy that the book comes off exactly as I hoped it would. Even as I move on into fiction, where my imagination roams wild, it gives me great confidence that my first book published does as I intended for it to; it tells others my story and that they are not alone. Thank you so much!

Her statement is below and if you get a chance, check out her Facebook blog page. The woman is amazing at blending the darkside of living with such awful conditions with the humor we tend to use to get through it all. She’s honest, smart, and really a great person to get to know. Thank you so much, dear!

Click the link below to check out her Facebook page!

More Sleep Please  

“Wow! This book had everything. From what is Fibromyalgia through to a comprehensive guide of meds and their overall effects, as well as available treatments on offer. Insurance and Disability made for a depressing read, but rightly points out the problems in applying for both. Having no idea how the health system works in the US, I found this section really interesting, especially in comparison to how things are done in the UK. The depressing part comes from realizing just how difficult it is get help and support and the many components needed to attain both those things.

Your personal story was heartbreaking and brutally honest. The bad doc stories made me so angry and clearly highlights the negative realities that patients are put through because of a lack of understanding and care by some in the medical profession. But this was beautifully balanced out with stories of the positive care and treatment that you received.

I love the straightforward bluntness of the writing. Most books on fibro are written in a stark, clinical way and find themselves bogged down with medical jargon which can be quite off putting. The way in which this is written is more personal and speaks directly to the reader. It’s also relatable, passionate and heartfelt and above all, honest.

But this is so much more than a book on fibro. It also encapsulates everything from the way in which this illness affects our day to day life, to how outside influences from friends and family can also have an effect. But most important of all, it lets the reader know that they are not alone.

Seriously, it’s a great book and I’m glad I got the chance to read it. To be honest, I thought it was going to be a daunting read, but I really enjoyed it. Everything that anyone has ever mentioned about their fibro, is in this book. It should be a must-read for those with and without the condition.”


2 Weeks left on KU before Shadows Through the Fog Goes Wide

Shadows Through the Fog will no longer be available to read for free on Kindle Unlimited after November 28th, 2017. It will, however, be available to purchase as an ebook on Barnes and Noble/Nook, iTunes/iBook, Kobo, Tolino, and several alternative purchasing outlets. In order to be able to offer my book to those who do not use the Kindle app or device, I am no longer able to keep it as a Kindle Unlimited read. I apologize to those who prefer using that method to read the book.

If you do have Kindle Unlimited and would like to read it while it is available, please go to Amazon and enjoy! Thank you.

Click here to get the Kindle eBook or paperback version of Shadows Through the Fog:


Creating a Universe

I have been planning and creating like a mad woman. N.I.C.D. Book 1 is being written and I keep having to stop for various reasons. For one, I still do some outside work for the necessary survival funds, but for another, the world is complex. I have the Arcanus (all beings not human) and they have history, politics, education, systems and so much more. My main characters,  Mara and Kai, have intricate lives that require me to plan parts of the world a bit better. In comes the binder.

Today was spent working on the various descriptions and explanations behind the various Arcanus. I have also been filling out more of Mara and Kai’s respective backgrounds. I can’t wait for the eventual reveal on their insane lives!

In the process of working on this first massive book, I have begun to contemplate the world I am constructing. My readers may want to know how the Arcanus witches were involved in the witch trials or about the great Pirate and Mermaid War or perhaps how the N.I.C.D. was formed. When and why did the Arcanus create such a bureau, the Nonhuman Investigative and Compliance Division?

With these thoughts came the idea of supplementary reading. Standalone books to fill in historic events, character backgrounds, and other tales from my world. These books will get the same depth and tone as the main series, but won’t need to be read in any particular order. They may not be as long or exstensive, in fact some will be novellas, but they will be the fancy frame for the picture I am creating.

I am all ears for questions or information about my upcoming  books. Thank you for keeping up with my journey! 

Name Change

If you purchased any of my books before October 2017, or knew of me before then, you may know me as Amanda Boyce. Boyce is my name from my first marriage. Facing a name change in the near future, and leaving the possibilities of future changes, I have made the determination to go by my first and middle name on all of my works.

With the change on The Fine Print of Fibro and Shadows Through the Fog, this may delay the ability to purchase the books for up to a week. I apologize for the inconvience but am acting now to prevent future issues and changes.

From now on, look for my books under the name Amanda Leanne.

Thank you readers, followers, and friends!