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My Online Presence and How You Can Help

I will preface this post with links to the various places where you can follow me and tell you which will allow you to leave reviews. Many people use different platforms and places to follow their favorite…well, anything and everyone, so here is where you can find me and my books:

Amazon Author Page  -Can Review if you have spent more than $50 in that year on Amazon


Facebook Author Page

GoodReads Author Page – Can Review and/or Rate


LibraryThing Author Page – Can Review and/or Rate


My Twitter (@TheAmandaLeanne)


Now, about leaving reviews. Amazon has a newer policy that is being enforced more often than not as of late. You may find yourself unable to leave a review if 1) we are friends and/or family by their standards and algorithms OR 2) you have not spent $50 on Amazon this year. There is nothing I can do about either of these issues, but I want it known that it is an issue.

As much as I wish I didn’t have to give credence to reviews and social media presence, it is a thing now. In order to get your book out there, you must get out there yourself and have others want to get out there for you. I appreciate any and all recommendations, reviews, reposts and tweets, etc. in which my books or I am mentioned. Every bit helps as long as you are not not warning others away!

If you are interested in reviewing a book for me honestly but are unable to purchase the book and you have at least two examples of past reviews, please feel free to contact me and ask about the book. I love having readers and will do what I can to support that.

Above all, thank you all so much for supporting me as I try to achieve my goals in writing books you will enjoy. It isn’t always easy and with my health, it isn’t always fast, but I do what I can. In truth, without readers, I am but a girl jotting down her imagination, it is you who makes me more, and I am forever grateful.

Thank you.

Amanda Leanne